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JTourney, making tournament conducting fun.

What is JTourney?

What is JTourney?
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JTourney is a Java based tool to support tournament directors conducting small to medium scale round based tournaments for multiplayer games.

JTourney tries to encaspulate over 10 years of experience with various tournament formats for different games. Those tournaments were conducted either manually or with the help (of many kind people and) a predecessor programm, which finally became too old and too small.

The need for JTourney arose since the tournaments conducted were rather flexibile: Players could hop on and hop off between rounds, the games played might allow variable number of players. Beside this flexibility JTourney could of course be used to support more rigid tournament formats, but this is not it's focus.

It helps you with

  • Keeping player lists.
  • Playcing players on tables for next round by variuos strategies.
  • Generate score sheets for tables.
  • Keeping track of game scores
  • Calculating player scores, tiebreakers and rankings

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