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Design Decisions

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Well, of course there were a few. :-) Mentioned here are the hard ones. Not to forget that some of my collegues might call me cunctator when I'm out.

Textfiles as database

I love SQL, I love relational databases. But the storage of tournament results is a very simple and goal oriented thing and JTourney does everything with the data one needs to do with it. On the other hand it is a good feel in case of trouble to have all this data readily even if the program fails, as long as VIM still works.


As stated, I have ten years of practise with a predecessor program. This had no GUI. Of course it would be cool to have one.

Generate lots of information in RenderHTML

Well the predecessor program was very picky about being asked by the operator, "I want this", "I need that". This has tourned out to be a source of frequent confusion. The current output format just tries to print out all kinds of information it has available and generates that overview page. This is a bit of a GUI: Need the standings of last round? Just click on it.

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