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JTourney, making tournament conducting fun.

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Well of course it is a Java project. But beside an arbitrary JDK 1.2 or later (JDK 1.1 probably works when you have the plugin Collection Classes) following things are (more or less) necessary for JTourney:

Apache Ant 1.6+
Is used as the prefered build tool for JTourney.
High performance, low memory collection classes.
Johannes Döblers XSLT processor is even slightly better than Saxon 6.5.x it is currently (v1.0) necessary to print table score sheets until I have figured how Xalan can create mulitple output files during a single transformation. Long live XSLT1.1WD :-)
This is a cool way for POJO to HTML: Use XStream and XSLT and there you are.

Helpful or special features

This software can be added to enhance JTourney but isn't very essential.

Is used as my favourite XSLT engine, the one built in in JDK1.4 works also, but is slow and memory consuming. Saxon 6.5.x is definately necessary to build this documentation.
Spieleck Zip Task
A Ant-Zip-Task which allows to ad a directory prefix to all files compressed. Making a nicer Zip-file layout without the need to copy huge numbers of files back and forth.
All these techologies are optional in some sense: XSLT is builtin in JDK1.4 and if you don't use XSLTReport you don't need it anyway. An SAXParser is builtin in JDK1.4 and there are various available (most should autoplug into JTourney). Trove is only required for the Accounting-Classes, but this really relies on it. Jakarta-ORO is used, as soon as you use any of the RegExp-Filters or -Evaluator. Ant is the prefered (but not the only), way to build JTourney.

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