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Now it is time, to get your tournament participants to play:

  • Start turn.jar with two parameters.
    • First parameter is the subdirectory name of your tournament. You will need that everytime. Note that you can even conduct two tournaments simultaneously by switching between two subdiectories. Beware.
    • Second parameter must be a way to seat you participants.A good way for the very first round might be the RandomPairing.
  • This has two effects:
    • in the subdirectory itself there is a new file round1 containing names of players grouped into games. Read this file carefully, you later have to edit it without destroying the structure.
    • in the subdirectory/out there are nice HTML versions of the round1 file for you to print out and display to the participants.
  • Now let the games happen!
  • Whenever a scoresheet returns to your desk, give JTourney the information by editing the round1 file accordingly.
  • Feel free to generate intermediate standings in nice HTML by calling turn.jar with only one parameter. Do not supply a second parameter, since this will generate a round2 we do not want yet. Since turn.jar grabs all the changes you did to round1 and forwards data to the renderer to generate newly rendered output.
  • After all results of round 1 are known, players will want to see the final standings and of course their new opponents.
  • To initialize another round, again use turn.jar with two parameters. For the second to subsequent round consider using MixingPairing as a strategy to shuffle players. This merges ideas of "Swiss Tournement" from chess with some algorithms to giv^e each player as many new opponents as possible.
  • This call creates you a round2 file and you can proceed as above.
  • My tournaments use to have a true final of the top-N players. There is a special FinalPairing to generate this seating. Note that depending on your scoring mode, the ranking below the finalists might become wrong after the final has been scored. Use the second last ranking for all ranks outside the final.

Remark: The subdirectory and the roundX reflect all the data about your tournament. You will be really carefully with this! On the other hand, if you have (say) a round3 file you accidentically created, you can remove it and make JTourney forget about this round!

Below find more information about the runtime file structure.

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